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CEO Essentials Kit

With JMA's Ultimate CEO Program, you'll have one full year of access to every course and masterclass in the Academy, so you can build your success with the ultimate financial education and become CEO!


Beginners Power Program

This is a combination of our two most popular programs to create your own powerful blueprint for building your credit and investing in your first property! The Beginner's Power Program is a 6-month program that gives you access to both of our most popular classes - Residential Real Estate and Credit Mastery - so you can get started making money faster with a solid foundation of financial literacy!


Residential Real Estate Course

Learn the basics of foundation real estate investing such as wholesaling, flipping, and acquiring rental properties for passive income.


Jay Morrison Academy

The Jay Morrison Academy was formed to provide financial literacy to those who haven't been taught wealth creation at home or school in a way that is affordable, relatable, and accessible.


Wealth Mastery Course

The Wealth Mastery Course is a bundle that includes all six of our main wealth building courses! This course allows you to be well versed in commercial and residential real estate, business development and branding, stocks & finance, credit mastery, and a plethora of other topics that give you the knowledge to build an empire!

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